Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Wow - almost a year since my last post. Obviously, blogging isn't a huge priority for me, but I do know that it is probably the best way to keep everyone up to date with what is going on for us - so, I will try to post more. Good news is that not much has really happened, in our case, this year.  Mostly, we have just been doing our normal day to day things and chasing the little man.

S just turned 4 - can you believe it? I can't. We were at an appointment this afternoon and the counselor  made the comment to S that he had just had a birthday. I asked him to tell her how old he was - and his response was, "I am 4 and a little bit." Cracked me up.

He is doing really, really well - 39#, 39 about the 75% for weight and 25% for height. That has been his norm ever since he was a baby. Our little powerhouse - all muscle and super strong. :) He has been in gymnastics for the past few months and really loves it. It has been great to watch him his confidence grow, even more, and to develop really great skills. He will continue through July and then we will take a little break until the Fall. He is going to start swimming too - there will be a little overlap with swimming and gymnastics - so our Thursdays are going to be busy. He will take a session of swimming, starting next week, and then a couple more sessions in August. He loved it last year - I hope he does this year, as well! He is a little boy now - no more toddler in him at all. I was rocking him last night and I called him "baby" as I was putting him down...he mumbled, half asleep, that he was not a baby anymore, but a big boy. Point taken. Still not sure if mama is ready for the big boy part, though. I know I have said it before, but this time has gone so quickly. I try my hardest not to rush about, but I feel like there have been times where the entire month has gone by and I can hardly remember what we have done. So moments - I try to hold onto moments.

So, our news. We went to court today. We thought it was pretty much like any other court date we have had. We are invited in, for a few minutes, to give the Judge and lawyers an update as to how S is doing, what things he likes doing, health stuff - just a quick update. This time it was different - it was a Permanency Hearing. We didn't know that until we were sitting in the courtroom today...this was HUGE news for us. This is where they can change the direction that his plan is going - and, hopefully, that would be to us. Now, that being said, we aren't holding our breath. As the hearing progressed there were a few things that the Judge ordered to happen before the official hearing actually took place - so, it has essentially been rescheduled for early August. In the meantime, please, PLEASE pray for us and everyone that is involved in the mix. (Lawyers, Bio Mom, Judge, Tribe, Case Workers - pray for them all) Things can change on a dime, so you never know, but it was sure an encouragement today. So, so big.


  1. Praying for your family and everyone involved!!!! Exciting though!

  2. Well that is big, exciting news! Storming heaven for you and your little man!